Our Fintech Group is a technology partner to businesses selling globally or locally or young enthusiasts setting up their business.

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Using our solution you can accept payments from your clients all over the world by most bank cards, e-wallets and other alternative methods.
Vast variety of payment methods and easy integration will ensure flawless operation of FinTech Companies in the UK, EU and globally.
If there is a BIG IDEA, a tough competition, a challenge others do not dare to go for, we are here to serve you:
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processing platform
payment licenses
bank aсquirers
highly qualified specialists in the IT team
Interactive processing
Customisable designs
Custom fields
decision making
You can even influence the payment outcome (e.g. defer, cancel, accept payment) based on the information supplied.
Dynamic workflows
Need to direct some customers to collect further information mid-payment? You can now introduce automated workflows on demand, saving you the hassle of collecting customer information post payment.
Customer wallet
Let your customers securely store and manage their cards online, pay smoothly with recurring payments and spend more time and money with you.
You can now add extra fields to payment pages to collect additional information with every transaction (e.g. profiling questions, loyalty codes etc).
We'll exchange data with your system (or even third parties) throughout the transaction, so the flow of information need no longer be one way. You can review, amend and make decisions on data before completing a transaction.
Style your payment page to seamlessly match your brand. Logos, colours, fonts, on-screen content, form fields, even multi-lingual support.
To create competitive advantages for our partners, offer the most effective and convenient financial solutions, and improve every single day.
Let us be your payment technology partner.
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