For banks
We develop products that include different types of transactions. What always remains in place is the fact that transactions are handled by banks.
The main points of our cooperation with banks are openness and interdependence. Our mutual efforts result in huge transaction volume, Fraud and transaction monitoring tools secures from unintended risks and losses.
C2C payments
B2C payments
C2B payments
Safe deal settlements between physical persons who offer each other services or goods
Settlements between companies and clients. Payment of insurance, marketing, gaming payments to individuals
Loan repayments, bill payments, refilling of the internal balance of the game resources such as dota2market
We designed a complex solution to assist banks in quick setup of e-commerce. It includes all necessary tools to cover all business processes:
All these and much more you get out of box and without additional labour costs. We are engaged in internal meeting and assist in operation, legal and financial aspect of the project.